automotive _whitepaper
automotive _whitepaper

How, When and Why to Use XR Wearables in Healthcare

New technologies offer significant opportunities to revolutionise healthcare. However, for this to take place, it's vital that health services embrace digital transformation to provide a step change in the way in which they care for patients.

In this whitepaper, we examine head-mounted wearable technology and how it offers new and improved ways for healthcare services to care for patients. 

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RealWear in Surgery

Watch how surgeons can gain insights from experts as well as share footage with medical students for educational purposes.

Assisted Reality for EMTs

When every second counts, assisted reality enables EMTs to receive live support from experts to give better care for patients in critical condition.

Leading Solutions for the Frontline


Remote Expert Guidance

Connects global workforce & enables frontline workers to get assistance from an expert remotely to resolve any complex issue.


Digital Workflow

Operational errors are reduced with step-by-step visual instructions, checklists & data entry on-the-go.


Visual Assist

Hands-free verification & visual documentation with a high-definition camera that takes photos & videos of hard-to-reach places.


Industrial IoT Data

Workers get the real-time data that they need when operating, inspecting, or maintaining equipment.


Document Navigator

More productivity & safety by viewing technical manuals & reference documents with eyes forward & hands free.