Future of Work

On Demand Webinar Series

Special Focus: Remote Maintenance and Remote Inspection in 2021


Listen in as the experts at RealWear review the results of a Pulse Survey. We asked hundreds of business leaders, industry experts, equipment maintenance experts, remote inspectors and more about how COVID-19 and Other Forces are accelerating the nature of work.

Without a doubt, COVID-19 will be known as The Great Disruptor of the 21st Century. But how has it truly changed the course? Will collaboration be damaged or improved going forward, with the Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex?

This live webinar will review the results of the survey and dig into how COVID-19 has not only forced some short term changes, but also how Long Term Changes are impacting the need for remote mentoring a total solutions for long distance collaboration.

Technology: Attend this event to understand how remote mentor technology has advanced – see the state of the art
Systems AND Data: On its own, equipment for remote examination and communications is limited. Coupled with Systems and Live Data, the remote worker has potential far beyond a single expert on site.
Expertise: World Leading Organizations have learned how to deploy complete solutions with the experts providing remote guidance while local hands-on teams are empowered to complete tasks in a fraction of the time it takes to fly someone in







Andrew Chrostowski, Chairman of the Board and CEO, RealWear, Inc.




Sanjay Jhawar, Cofounder and President