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Leveraging Wearable Technology to Transform the Mining Industry in Uncertain Times

Real-world, practical AR solutions that are ready to deploy now and proven to succeed in mining operations.


As a result of COVID-19, businesses must adapt and reinvent work processes to meet social distancing requirements, disrupted supply chains, reduced travel and heavily scrutinized budgets. Organizations must act now to capitalize on the appetite to look for emerging technologies and future-focused work practices that can enable success in uncertain times. Integrating wearable technology into your business is not just a solution to solve challenges now but a long term solution to enable process efficiency and significant cost reductions into the future.


RealWear Inc. has been successfully validating and deploying wearable technology solutions with mining operators and the METS sector to enable them to transform work practices across the industry. This webinar will discuss key learnings from these engagements, showcase the benefits of wearable computing for combating the challenges presented by COVID-19 and tips to accelerate your digital transformation strategy.  


You will learn:

  • The key features of RealWear head-mounted tablets and what wearable technology features are mandatory for a successful deployment in the mining environment
  • Key use cases and solutions for the mining industry such as remote engineering support, remote project management and enhanced training and competency management
  • Simple tips to maximize success when validating wearable tech as part of your digital strategy
  • Guest insights on AR validation experience



Clint Ricetti

Innovation & Technology Manager


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Steve Humphris

ANZ Country Manager

Cameron Stevens

ANZ Solutions Engineer