Get RealWear Trainer Certified! Oct 25-27, 2021

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Master the Hands-Free Experience & Empower Others

Accelerate your deployment!  The Trainer Academy will give you the tools, resources, and experience you need to master the HMT-1 and train others how to use it. This certification program is proven to be a powerful and effective way to scale knowledge across the workforce. 


Cost Effective: Simply put, our Trainer Academy is our most affordable and time sensitive solution for effective, large scale RealWear deployments.

Scalable: All course materials can easily be reproduced so you can conduct trainings for any number of employees again and again.

Work Task Ready: Your appointed RealWear Trainer will be prepared to deliver highly effective trainings so end-users can start incorporating this new technology immediately. 

Empowering: In-house training programs empower your employees to take responsibly and promote new products, skills, and technology. 


Complete the Academy and score 80% or higher on your learners assessment to receive your RealWear Trainer Certification.

$3,000 Pricing Includes:

  • 1 Academy Access Ticket 
  • HMT-1
  • Preinstalled Swappable Battery (3250 mAh Li-Ion)
  • Wall Charger
  • USB-C Cable
  • Workband 
  • Semi-Rigid Carrying Case
  • RealWear Academy Pin
  • Trainer Certification 
  • Train-the-Trainer Content pack to customize/brand your own training material

Alternatively, you can bring your own device & register HERE

Date & Time Zones (Open to all countries):

  • Portland, United States: 7AM - 9AM
  • Miami, United States: 10AM - 12PM 
  • São Paulo, Brazil: 11AM - 1PM
  • London, United Kingdom: 3PM - 5PM
  • Stockholm, Sweden: 4PM - 8PM
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 6PM - 8PM


  • 3 days, 6 packed hours of hands-on learning
  • Remote via a reliable webinar platform
  • Limited prep needed

Pre-Req/Entrance Requirements:

  • Access to a webcam and ability to interact & participate throughout the workshop
  • Must have an HMT to participate 

Certification Requirements:

  • Must attend all 3 days
  • Be available to interact on camera
  • Participate in workshop tasks
  • Complete the learners assessment and achieve 80% or higher

RealWear Academy Agenda

Day 1

Class 1:  Introduction to RealWear 

Class 2:  Training Others Remotely

Class 3:  RealWear Companion

Class 4:  Device Configuration

Class 5:  Software Maintenance

Class 6:  RealWear Explorer

Day 2

Class 7:  Hardware Overview

Class 8:  Fitting & Wearing 

Class 9:  Global Voice Commands

Class 10: Controls & Settings

Class 11: Show Help

Class 12: Camera & Video

Class 13: Accessing Files


Day 3

Class 14: File Management

Class 15: Additional Out of Box Features

Class 16: Connecting to Wi-Fi

Class 17: Demoing Third Party Applications

Class 18: Troubleshooting & Support








Join the Academy!

Future Trainer Academy Dates:


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