Come and see the new RealWear Navigator Z1 at SPE Offshore Europe.

Built for Oil & Gas maintenance and Production Zones teams to keep things flowing.

Visit us on stand 3B14. 5-8 September, Aberdeen.

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Used globally in Oil & Gas

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RealWear Navigator Z1, the next generation of wearable for frontline Oil & Gas professionals

Built to tackle operational inefficiencies, mitigate safety risks, and reduce the emerging knowledge gap from retiring experts. Experience hands-free communication and streamlined two way data sharing, that will revolutionize knowledge sharing for your frontline teams in hazardous environments. 



RealWear's AI and 5G solution reduces downtime and enhances safety for your frontline teams.

An average of 27 days a year in unplanned production downtime  can cost up to $38m in the Oil & Gas sector, with 50% of process safety accidents happening during downtime. RealWear empowers preventative maintenance teams to boost productivity through AI,  while remaining hands free to  ensure safety and enhance situational awareness, and keeps teams connected to experts and data with the power of 5G connectivity.


AI-enhanced insights for informed decision-making.

RealWear Navigator Z1 integrates advanced AI capabilities to offer context-aware insights to frontline workers. Whether addressing machinery maintenance or analyzing operational data, its AI-driven feature ensures workers receive pertinent information instantly, bolstering their on-site decision-making. By harnessing AI-driven insights, RealWear Navigator Z1 can help cut error rates in operations by up to 25%, guaranteeing more precise and efficient workflows.



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