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Explore all the updates to File Management

In HMT Release 10, we give you the ability to organize thousands of files with a few simple voice commands. Now's your chance to learn how to do this and more.

Our webinar on File Management in HMT Release 10 is on May 7th at 8:00 AM Pacific Time / 5:00 PM GMT. Sign up by completing the form to the right.


In addition, we have three other webinars you might appreciate. Click on the links below to register for each of these in turn:

April 23rd: HMT Release 10 Overview

A repeat of our webinar on April 10th, in this session we will cover all the firmware updates in HMT Release 10.

April 30th: Camera System Upgrades

A deep dive into our new camera system, from instant previews to enhanced performance in low light conditions.

May 14th: What's New with Navigation and Controls

Better screen layout and enhanced security for an optimized user experience and faster deployments.

All webinars take place at 8:00 AM Pacific Time / 5:00 PM GMT on the days indicated.

Complete this form to register for the Updates to File Management Webinar.

This webinar will take place May 7th at 8:00 AM Pacific Time / 5:00 PM GMT.